Key Updates…


  • Race Day Portal (EXP/SF) – *Added/Major-Enhancement*
    • New race day portal view when entering form guide. Can display by upcoming Race or Meeting display.
    • Preset in user settings. Create your own upcoming displays with selected columns from the analyzer view.
    • Ability to save custom layouts, and re-load as required.
    • Isolate target-specific races using a filtering system.
  • Pricing Table – *Added/Enhancements*
    • (EXP/SF) Market Edge/Market % Chance added to the pricing table for each runner.
    • (EXP/SF) Market edge can be set to display open from user settings.
    • (EXP) – Ability to adjust all speed/class figures using a weight adjustment figure automatically.
    • (EXP/SF) – Further enhancements and levels to pricing calculation aggression, which can now be set across each mode via the settings
  • Splits – Optimization
      • Split ratings underlying logic further improved, with adjustments to race class/track class par tables.


  • Variables Added – *Added/Major-Enhancement*
    • Over 40+ variables were added across EXP/IVR modes.
      • Speed/Class/Combined Peak performance variables.
      • Kilometers Per Hour and Meters Per Second Averages – distance/time variables added (Generated using final times).
      • Runner jockey past runner won and won on fav variables, Jockey name last start.
      • Reverse race number order value added in the analyzer.
      • Best Last 3 runs Split added to analyzer 800,600,400,200.
      • Weight carried last start added.
      • State/Country last start added.
      • Sire/Dam and Owner Variables added.
      • Rider Claim kg value added to rider variables.
    • Analyser has the ability for the user to create their own “averages” of value-based variables.