What is the new in RAPRO v1.99?

General Improvements and Features

  • RAPRO user interface report display screen width
  • Improvements to database performance
  • Improved performance of cloud backup
  • Additional memory and space now
    available as part of standard monthly

Daily Sectional Report Updates

  • Best performance values in form guide LX reports now calculated based
    on historical days back selected when executing report, no longer fixed at
    365 days.
  • Color coding to display if a historical run was accelerating or
    decelerating to the line.
  • Distance Difference between current upcoming race and historical runs
    now displayed in all form reports.
  • Horse Country code now included in feed from Daily Sectionals, to avoid
    duplicate horse appearing with same name, from different countries
  • Hong Kong IVR data now available and supported
  • RAW Sectionals base report added to system.