Horse Racing Live Mounting Yard

20+ Years of Combined Mounting Yard Experience

“Racing Analytics” and the “The Race Club” team deliver you up to date, runner by runner live intel direct from the mounting yard. An experienced yard analyst profile’s each runner, identifying key visible attributes such as structure, behavior, and conditioning. Comments are then processed through an advanced set of scoring algorithms to produce a final, unbiased yard rating.

  • Live race day mounting yard commentary *
  • Automatic Refresh.
  • Pop-out windows capability.
  • Analyst Pick of the yard and Top 4.
  • Overall yard comment.

* VIC/NSW Metro main coverage.

Racing Analytics Live Horse Racing Mounting Yard Pop out window

Integrated Into Past Form

Historical mounting yard commentary and ratings are automatically displayed in past yard run lines.

  • Integrated into all form guides
  • Rating and Commentary display.
  • Mouse hover display.
Racing Analytics Live Horse Racing Mounting Yard Form Screen

Historical Slice, Dice and Filter

Match up past yard commentary and ratings against hundreds of, pre/post-race variables and find that additional intel to give you an edge.

  • Filter, Slice and Dice commentary and ratings against race variables.
  • Strike rates, win, place, and profit and loss measures.
  • Analyse specific runners.
  • Identify historical patterns.
Racing Analytics Live Horse Racing Mounting Yard Analysis