RAPRO System and Hardware Requirements (Desktop Computer or Laptop)

• Microsoft Windows 10, 11 (64bit)
• 8 GB RAM or greater
• Microsoft Office Excel 365 or greater
• Solid State (SSD) Hard Drive
• Intel i7 CPU/AMD Ryzen 7 or Higher (ARM processors are not currently supported)
• Internet Connection

1. Why do I require a Solid-State hard disk?
A solid-state hard disk is required to maintain the minimum performance of the RAPRO database. The older style spinning disk type solution is too slow to read substantial amounts of data from the database, which cause excessive waiting times whilst viewing form and performing analysis.

2. Can I run RAPRO on a virtual machine?
RAPRO can run on a virtual machine, provided the main PC meets the minimum requirements. In the event the Virtual Machine does not operate as it would on a non-virtual machine with RAPRO, support is not provided as part of the standard service, and an additional consultation service fee will apply to support the setup.

3. Can I run RAPRO whilst not connected to the internet?
Currently, RAPRO will not work if offline from the internet due to the licensing check process.

5. Can RAPRO be installed on my work machine?
RAPRO requires administrative rights to install on any machine. Currently, a personal license does not support installation on company work machines unless approved by the organization’s IT department. Additional setup costs apply to setup on non-personal machines as they require additional time and effort in collaboration with the organisation’s IT department.

6. Will RAPRO work if I bring my laptop to work and connect to the company’s wireless service?
Depending on the organization’s wireless settings, certain ports and filters may be blocked and in place which prevents RAPRO from checking the licensing service and downloading data. Therefore, this scenario is not covered within the standard support of the platform. It is recommended to hotspot from your mobile phone if the wireless network you are on has restrictions in place.