In this insightful video tutorial, we introduce the compelling features of the IVR Daily Sectionals variables within our analysis module. We begin by exploring crucial variables such as the ‘last start’ and ‘previous run’ performances of horses, which are instrumental in assessing form and potential.

Throughout the tutorial, we dissect these variables in detail, explaining their significance and demonstrating how they can be integrated into your analysis to yield a comprehensive view of a horse’s racing history and prospects. We also discuss various methods to best utilize this data, focusing on how to interpret benchmark variables and incorporate them into a broader analytical framework.

Our guided walkthrough ensures that even those new to our software or the concept of IVR Daily Sectionals will come away with a strong grasp of these variables. We aim to empower users with the knowledge to effectively harness these insights, enhancing their handicapping skills and decision-making process. You’ll leave with the ability to navigate the module with ease and use the IVR data to make more educated decisions in your racing analysis. This tutorial isn’t just about learning the features; it’s about mastering them to enrich your analytical prowess in the dynamic world of horse racing

*Video Playback Tips*

  • Move your mouse to the bottom right of the video, there are settings there to expand to full screen and change the quality to a higher resolution if required.