The IVR Matrix is a pioneering module within RAPRO (Racing Analytics Expert Form), ingeniously crafted in IVR mode to transform the landscape of horse racing benchmarking. By leveraging the Incremental Velocity Rating (IVR) from a horse’s last six starts and the first three starts following a racing event, this innovative function delivers a comprehensive assessment of the True IVR Class performance of a race.

This method offers a sophisticated analysis based on sectional times, providing a granular view of each horse’s performance against established benchmarks. It allows for a detailed comparison of performance trends and capabilities, taking into account the complexity of race dynamics and the progression of each competitor over time. The IVR Matrix not only enhances our benchmarking capabilities but also furnishes users with advanced insights, improving their strategic decision-making in the racing arena.

As we introduce you to the functionalities and benefits of the IVR Matrix through our upcoming video tutorial, we aim to equip both new and experienced clients with the knowledge to fully exploit the nuances of sectional timing and benchmarking in racing.

*Video Playback Tips*

  • Move your mouse to the bottom right of the video, there are settings there to expand to full screen and change the quality to a higher resolution if required.